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The Balloon Animals

When you’re SOOOOOOOOO bored

and looking for a game to play …

be careful who you listen to … especially if it’s a monkey … and it’s green …

like this one

(WARNING: book contains bright colors, animal names, useful language, 3D beasties, and a funky rhythm)

The Balloon Animals PDF

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We wanted to do a very easy book with colors and animal names.

The gold standard for this is Eric Carle and Bill Martin Junior’s classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Although the language is a bit dated (“…what do you see?” is a fairly advanced construction), there is something about that book that kids love to bits. It is simple, rhythmic, and repetitive with wonderful art. Much easier said than done.

What do little kids like to do the most, besides eat yummy things?


And what do they like most after Mom and food?


And what happens if they can’t play?


The Balloon Animals want to play, but they don’t know what to do. The question gets passed along from one to another. Along comes a green monkey. He has a game, and a hint of mischief. How will it end?

Illustrator and animator, Atsushi Matsubayashi, has done cutting-edge 3D animation for a wide variety of studios and big name productions. For The Balloon Animals, he has created beautiful, vividly colored 3D balloon animals that look almost certain to squeak if you touched them.

Musicians Tomo’o Tsuruya and Norihito Sumitomo have created very fun and funky original songs to go along with the audio.